26 Workaholics Trivia Questions And Answers

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Workaholics Trivia Questions And Answers

It’s Time For Some Workaholics Trivia!

Workaholics is a sitcom created by Anders Holm, Blake Anderson, Adam Devine, and Kyle Newacheck. The show follows a group of twenty-something stoner roommates who work as telemarketers. Workaholics ran for seven seasons between 2011 and 2017.

Today, we want to test your knowledge with some Workaholics trivia questions and answers. Use this quiz to test your friends, or print it out for your next trivia night. Let us know how many questions you get right on social media!

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Workaholics Trivia Questions And Answers

1. Blake, Anders, and Adam are telemarketers for this corporation.

Answer: TelAmeriCorp

2. This famous comedic actor, and newly famous horror film director, plays an animal control receptionist on Workaholics.

Answer: Jordan Peele

3. Played by Maribeth Monroe, this character is the boss of the main characters.

Answer: Alice Murphy

4. Played by Kyle Newacheck, what is the name of the boys’ drug dealer, who is often seen getting into crazy antics?

Answer: Karl

5. This hilarious Workaholics character is played by the famous stand-up comic and podcaster Erik Griffin.

Answer: Montez

6. This Workaholics actor is known for his iconic hair and mustache combo.

Answer: Blake Anderson

Workaholics Trivia Questions

7. When the boys start hanging out with a hip new weed deal, what 90s celebrity do they visit?

Answer: Lori Beth Denberg

8. Before Workaholics, the crew was part of a comedy rap group with this fantastic name.

Answer: The Wizards

9. The boys love to play this prank on people that involves money and excrement.

Answer: Poop Dollar

10. At a restaurant, Anders asks to personally speak to the chef after he enjoys this dish.

Answer: Cajun Chicken Niblets

11. For what purpose does Blake buy a bottle of Ipecac?

Answer: To be able to go home sick from work.

12. To earn a jar of clean urine, Anders makes Blake and Adam eat this item.

Answer: A drop ceiling tile.

13. What celebrity do the boys sing about while tripping on shrooms in the office?

Answer: Catherine Zeta-Jones

14. In the episode ‘Front Yard Wrestling’, this famous actor plays the boys’ landlord.

Answer: Ben Stiller

15. This character is the office goody-goody and the teacher’s pet of the boss. However, she also has a bit of a temper and is protective of her friends.

Answer: Jillian

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16. Outside of Workaholics, the gang also made this action-movie parody for Netflix.

Answer: Game Over, Man!

17. What is the only thing that Adam hates more than sexism?

Answer: Salad bars

18. Adam hooks up with a Juggalo chick played by this famous actress.

Answer: Rebel Wilson

19. Know for her role as Lois Griffin, this actress plays Montez’s wife.

Answer: Alex Borstein

20. What does Adam say to girls who don’t want to date him?

Answer: That’s fine, I get that, but you’re wrong and I hate you.

21. Though Adam has a crush on her, which character ends up hooking up with Alice?

Answer: Anders

22. In one episode, Adam gets booed off of the stage at this type of event.

Answer: A body-building competition.

23. This is the name of the podcast hosted by the creators of Workaholics.

Answer: This Is Important

24. At a corporate convention, Alice does this drug to impress The Barracuda.

Answer: LSD

25. This famous actor makes a cameo on the show as Adam’s father.

Answer: Jack Black

26. This offbeat comedian, known for his work with Adult Swim, plays Reverend Troy in the series.

Answer: Tim Heidecker

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How Did You Do With These Workaholics Trivia Questions?

We hope you had fun with our list of Workaholics trivia questions and answers. How many trivia questions did you get right? Let us know on social media!

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