We Watched A Movie Drops Their Halloween Ends Parody

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We Watched A Movie Halloween Parody

About We Watched A Movie

We watched a movie is a YouTube film channel hosted by Jay and Mike. They do in-depth coverage of films, primarily horror movies. They also do live streams and funny skits.

I am new to the We Watched A Movie community. I found them through their coverage of Halloween Ends. I am a huge lore master and theory crafter. I am always looking for new tidbits of information about my favorite horror franchises. We Watched A Movie did excellent coverage of all of the Halloween Ends teasers. It really helped get me excited for this new film in the Halloween series.

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Halloween Ends Parody Video

This parody of Halloween Ends plays around with the interactions between Corey and Michael Myers in the sewers. While many people loved the movie, it was a bit odd to see Corey walk in and manhandle our favorite villain. In this parody, Michael seems to have the upper hand. He even busts a nut in the process.

Jay does a hilarious impression of Dr. Loomis. He is very concerned about Michael’s sexual release in the sewer. Honestly, I would be upset by this as well. I don’t want to know about that side of Michael. They say horror and sex are psychologically connected, but Michael went a little too far this time.

Jokes aside, this was an excellent parody skit by one of my new favorite YouTube channels. I can’t wait to see more of what Jay and Mike cook up in the future.

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