Xkwisit Battles Aliens In ‘Space X’ (Album)

Hip hop artist Xkwisit battle raps aliens in his new album, Space X.

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Xkwisit Space X Album

About Space X

Space X is a new album from Albany, New York hip hop artist Xkwisit. The album contains 10 tracks and was released on November 1st, 2021.

There is one music video available for this album. The video is for the track ‘What’s This Eye See?’. It features Shyste Chronkyte and was shot and edited by One Ton Soup Productions.

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Space X Track List

  1. Intro To spaceX: Exit Earth
  2. Challenge Me
  3. Rubber Bands
  4. Downtown
  5. What’s This Eye See? Ft. Shyste Chronkyte
  6. Boston Sox
  7. Groceries
  8. The Expert
  9. Nothing New
  10. Outro: POW Space Combat

Listen To Space X

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Xkwisit Hip Hop Artist

About Xkwisit

Xkwisit is a hip hop artist from Albany, New York. He has released many albums and has collaborated with other great hip hop artists such as Timbo King, Ab The Audicrat, and Emcee Graffiti.

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