Your Love Is Mine (2022) Is Likeable

Your Love Is Mine is a little more dramatic than horrific

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your love is mine 2022 movie review

What is ‘Your Love Is Mine’ about?

Your Love Is Mine tells the story of the adorable young couple Violet (Senie Priti) and Sam (Lester Ellis Jr.), just your average young couple trying to get by in a small regional town in the outback. They, like a lot of young couples in a dead end town, have big plans to leave and go to the big city and see the world together but when a tragic event happens, one of them is going to have to do something drastic in order to not only keep them together but to get them out of their dreary little outback town. 

Your Love Is Mine Review

Your Love Is Mine is an odd duck, to say the least. With the look of a lost Aussie film from the 80s (the specific aspect ratio and colour grade just give off that vibe like nothing else) the film might technically be a horror, but it’s a horror film that’s hidden carefully underneath a romantic drama that occasionally throws in a strange or offputting image to mess with the unsuspecting audience. Going for a quieter and easier going atmosphere, the film tends to rely mostly on a strange quiet calm that fills the outback.

Everything about Your Love Is Mine feels a little lost to time, there’s a strange ethereal quality to the look and storytelling where you could tell someone this was released during the Australian film boom of about 40 years ago and it would be completely believable. That timeless feel permeates throughout the film, making everything feel just a little bit strange and out of place in a way that’s fairly unique to Australian outback films of the period this film’s clearly emulating.

When Your Love Is Mine is working well, there’s something about it that is compelling. The performances are genuinely great all around, especially by the two leads who have enough chemistry to carry everything and it’s visually very impressive, something that a lot of films that use the outback as a location have going for them because the outback is a generally beautiful place and as long as you can light it in an interesting way, you’re going to get some great imagery. 

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Your Love Is Mine (2022) Review
Your Love Is Mine (2022)

The problem that Your Love Is Mine has is simply down to the category it’s been placed in… this doesn’t feel like a horror film. It’s part of a horror festival but if you watch this film, with the exception of one strange section in the middle involving the tragic event, it feels more like a drama than anything else. It feels like a strange outback drama about a couple of crazy kids who just want to get out of their little town. There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s a decent story, but when you promise a horror film it’d be nice if there was something in it that was… ya know… horrifying.

Now obviously this will vary from person to person, the element of resurrection and the stuff involving death might be enough for some people but it’s just not all there. Sure the tone is a little odd in a way that can be a little bit creepy at times, again a benefit of where the film is being shot, but it’s just such a light tone that you could be forgiven for thinking it was just a slightly dull slice of life drama.

That’s kinda the big problem with Your Love Is Mine, no matter what genre it’s actually part of… it’s just kinda dull. Well acted, beautiful to look at, technically fantastic but just kinda dull. If you can’t get into the slow tone and pace this film is working with, it’s going to just wash over you and not have much impact. It’s a very specific tone to get into and if you can that’s great, but it won’t be for everyone.

Your Love Is Mine Overall

Your Love Is Mine is a beautiful film with some great performances and a very specific and well-maintained tone that also just happens to not have that much going for it in terms of being memorable. It’s hard to deny the technical quality of the film, especially how deftly it recreates the style of a classic Aussie film but as an actual experience, Your Love Is Mine is just kind of boring. 

What did you think of Your Love Is Mine?

Your Love Is Mine will be showing as part of the A Night Of Horror international film festival at Dendy Cinema Newtown from 17th-23rd October, 2022. What did you think of it?

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